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It’s been another big week in Real Estate

By Miguel De Freitas & Rod Ryan

Property Blog – Week 621

The last blog I did was way back on the 19th of October 2020 and the reason for that was simply because our company was about to go through a major change. That change was that following an intensive review of all things De Freitas and Ryan, Miguel and I decided to concentrate on our strengths and what we both love doing and that is the selling and leasing and managing of commercial and industrial property along with the selling of residential property. That resulted in us forming an alliance with a specialist residential property management company RMA (Rental management Australia) who now have taken control of all the residential rental side of our business. It has been a lot of work for us to complete this transition however the end result has now been achieved, allowing us to again move forward learning from our past experiences.

As we stand today we have our wonderful commercial office located in Cockburn Central headed by Miguel De Freitas continue to go from strength to strength and our brand new residential sales office located in Kintail Road Applecross already starting to make inroads into the residential sales market. This office is headed up by myself along with the addition of our new residential business partner in Navid Heshmati.

We are still in the process of completing our website and new branding for both our commercial and residential offices however we are thrilled with the way it is all going and should be able to show you all our new format really soon.

In the meantime we will keep you informed with our progress and get back to reporting on what has been a very interesting time for us all in Real Estate at the mighty De Freitas and Ryan

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan & the team at De Freitas & Ryan

Property Blog – Week 622

It certainly has been another big week in Real Estate with our commercial office putting together several multimillion dollar deals along with some really excellent leasing results. The commercial market continues to be buoyant and there appears to be “blue skies” ahead in that area of our business.

On the residential sales side of things, again all is well. We are still waiting on our new website but from the proofs I have seen, I believe it is going to be amazing. Rod was up with the “birds” and the photographer at 6:30am today capturing some wonderful pics of our new listing in Knutsford Street, Fremantle. An amazing two storey home built way back in 1893 with views all over the ocean, Freo Port and Monument Hill. Young Navid also sold one in Aubin Grove last night for $565,000 and Milton tells me he will sell two today.

We certainly have a lot going on at the moment so we will catch you again next week after another big week in real estate.

Miguel De Freitas, Rod Ryan & the team at De Freitas & Ryan